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How to Reduce Bad Cholesterol


Today, we will see the most significant problem most people have these days; Obesity, Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Stroke kind of diseases are making people so scared. The main reason behind this is due to bad cholesterol.

Generally, there are two types of Cholesterols – one LDL (Bad Cholesterol) and HDL (Good Cholesterol).

What is that Good Cholesterol and Bad Cholesterol?

People think cholesterol means it’s, by default, a dangerous thing. But here you will get the answer.

Today we will see five food items that help reduce bad cholesterol. Also, we will see how to increase good cholesterol.

Those days people used to suffer from heart disease, mostly around the age of 50s, but these days people start suffering from heart disease beginning at 30. The main reason for this is because of bad food habits. Eating cholesterol-rich food results in having this cholesterol get stored in the body. This bad cholesterol not only increases weight but also increases the chance of having heart disease.

Bad cholesterol gets deposited in blood vessels as well as other key parts of the body. These cholesterol deposits increase blood pressure and also result in heart attacks.

In general, 80% of the cholesterol that’s needed for the body gets produced by the liver. The remaining cholesterol gets added from the foods that we eat. Usually, whatever food we eat gets digested, and that gives energy to our body. As part of that, cholesterol gets absorbed by the intestines and stores in the liver. The liver plays a major role in releasing the stored cholesterol based on the body’s need. If the body needs more cholesterol, then the liver produces more cholesterol as needed.

Next, there are two types of cholesterols – LDL (Bad Cholesterol) and HDL (Good Cholesterol). In case more LDL exists in the body, that increases the chance of having Heart disease, Heart attack, and Stroke.

If the LDL is high, then there is a huge possibility that those get deposited in the blood vessels around the blood vessel walls. These deposits result in impacting blood circulation over time. In contrast, HDL cholesterol stops these LDL deposits. So, a high level of HDL cholesterol in the blood is very good for health. At the same time, reducing LDL cholesterol in the blood is very very important. In that way, let’s look at five food items that could help you reduce the LDL level in your blood.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like Lemon, Orange, etc. helps in dissolving bad cholesterols that are deposited in the blood vessels and give good health to the heart. Most importantly, these vitamin C rich foods help the body to convert the fats in the blood into an energy source for the cells. Not only that, but Vitamin C also helps in controlling Cortisol which gets produced in the body due to mental stress. This Cortisol is another reason for the increase in fats in the belly and increases obesity. So, as soon as you wake up in the morning, before eating anything, if you take lemon with hot water and a little bit of honey, that would help to reduce LDL level. This will be very helpful for your health.


Garlic got a lot of allicin that helps to keep your heart safe. This also increases your immune system. Not only that but also helps in reducing bad cholesterol in your body rapidly. So, if you eat about 1-3 raw garlic every day, that would improve your health a lot.


Spinach got a good amount of lutein and fiber contents. This also helps in reducing cholesterol contents in the blood vessels. Taking Spinach at least twice a week could help to reduce cholesterol levels in your body.

Shallot (Small Onion)

Shallots have the power to dissolve fats that are deposited in the blood vessels. If you take at least one or two small onions every day, that can help you to reduce cholesterol in your body and also improves the health of your heart.


Eggplants almost have no calories, but in the meantime, this is rich in fiber content. This helps the absorption of bad cholesterol in the body. So, having eggplants regularly could help you reduce cholesterol in your body and also help to make your heart healthy.

Food that can be Eaten to Increase Good Cholesterol

Now let’s see what all food can be eaten to increase good cholesterol.

In general, you can take fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber contents. Non-vegetarians can take Salmon fish, Catfish, Sardines.

Most importantly, red meat, pizza, burger, chips, french fries kind of fast foods must be avoided. Because all these food items are rich in cholesterol contents result in high LDL and low HDL and harm your heart’s health.

Also, another important thing to note is Smoking and Drinking must be avoided.

Exercise and yoga help improving your heart’s health.

Whatever has been discussed here need not be just followed by only those who got high bad cholesterol, if everyone tries following this then need not worry about diseases like Blood Pressure, Obesity, Heart diseases, heart attack, Stroke.



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